Butterfly Tote using Fabric Inks by Neva Cole.

Butterfly Tote

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Personalized Canvas Bag with Fabric Inks

by Neva Cole


There are some wonderful Imagine products that are designed for permanent use on fabric. I enjoyed personalizing this simple canvas bag with All-Purpose Inks and Memento Luxe Inks as a gift for my mom who loves butterflies. It is simpler than it looks!

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 1 hour



Step 1

Launder canvas bag and white muslin to remove sizing and press prior to applying inks. Lay canvas bag on freezer paper, a nice work surface as it is bigger than the craft mat and you won’t get overspray all over your table! Lay stencil in place over the bag.


Step 2

Mix custom colors of All-Purpose Inks (API) by diluting with Ink Potion No. 9. I filled the small 0.5 fl oz Spray Bottle about 2/3rds full of potion and added 12-14 drops of Thistle API to the first bottle. To the second bottle I added 8-10 drops of Cerulean Blue API as I didn’t want the hue to be as dark. Test on scrap paper to check the color. Spray the two colors randomly to cover the canvas bag. Heat set the ink and repeat on the reverse side with the stencil. Spray the handles and heat set, open up the bottom of the bag to spray and heat set.


Step 3

I chose a bold font stamp set for my sentiment. Prep the stamp by lightly sanding first to allow the ink to more evenly adhere to the bold stamp. I chose acrylic stamps for this application as it is easier to place the letters on the canvas bag with the right spacing. I used a coordinating color of Memento Luxe. Heat set the ink after stamping.


Step 4

Prep white muslin by ironing fusible interfacing to one side. Make a sandwich for your die cut machine by including a metal spacer, cutting mat, three pieces of card stock, muslin with interfacing side down, cutting dies, and top cutting mat. Run the cardstock/muslin through two or three times at different orientations to get clean fabric die cuts. A few threads may need to be snipped with scissors to cleanly remove.


Step 5

Ink rubber stamp with Memento Luxe Pear Tart along the body section of the butterfly. Use a cotton swab to remove ink from the wing portion of the stamp. Ink wings with Memento Luxe Sweet Plum followed by Nautical Blue. One of the other butterfly’s wings were inked in reverse. Use the cotton swab as needed to allow shading.


Step 6

With tweezers carefully place muslin side of die cut butterfly on inked surface of the stamp. It is easier to position the die cut with this method. Place a second acrylic block over the top and apply pressure to stamp. Remove and heat set ink. Adhere butterflies to canvas bag with hot glue. Add glue to shape wings slightly and provide some dimension.




  • Crafters Workshop − Flutterby stencil
  • Local King Rubber Stamp − Butterfly Effect stamp & die sets
  • Stampology − Autum Leaves Cutesie Alpha
  • Acrylic blocks − two minimum
  • White canvas bag (found at Walmart for less than $3)
  • Freezer paper
  • White muslin
  • Fusible interfacing
  • Iron
  • Die cut machine with metal shim
  • Cardstock (scrap)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Cotton swabs


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